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Effective communication is crucial to exceptional service. Not only is it important that students learn to communicate in a clear and compelling manner, but it is also equally — if not more — important that they are able to understand the needs and wants of their customers. 

Acknowledging the role of communication in hospitality, the FHMCT has started the Language Lab. Here, students who struggle with English can hone their skills by learning the different components of language, including listening, comprehension, expressing and communication. 

Knowledge of a foreign language is always an added feather in the cap of a professional. Hospitality French’ as a course is included in the BHM curriculum. The language lab comes alive with interactions in French during these classes that the BHM students will take up in the 4th semester. 

The language lab is also used as a centre for students to hone their general language skills. It is considered essential for students to acquire good language and communication skills by the end of the programme to ensure that they are industry-ready.