As a University of Applied Sciences, RUAS promotes research and innovation among all its faculties. 

Every faculty is encouraged to pursue research they believe will be beneficial to their field of study and, by extension, to society. The University offers its support in the form of resources and facilities, including well-equipped research centres. 

Outfitted with the latest industry-relevant tools and equipment, these centres become hubs of innovation and cutting-edge research. 

The Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology is home to the Nutrition and Nutraceutical Research Centre. 

Nutrition and Nutraceutical Research Centre (NNRC)

The Centre was established in 2006 under the guidance of Padmashree Dr V Prakash, Vice President of IUNS, Chairman of EHEDG, and President of the International Society for Nutraceuticals, Nutritionals and Naturals.

NNRC is envisioned as a knowledge centre that uses a scientific, food-based approach to address issues of health and wellness among the general public. Its study of nutritionals and nutraceuticals aims to benefit various age groups and influence fields of study from pediatrics to geriatrics. 

The Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art testing laboratories and equipment that plays a key role in product development and sensory evaluation. An advanced testing lab is also used for chemical and microbiological analysis of food. 

The research at the Centre is focused on reducing malnourishment and promoting general health for all age groups using locally grown and available crops, herbs, and spices. 

Work is also being conducted on ready-to-use products that employ nutritionals and nutraceuticals to cater to specific health needs. These products will be enriched with probiotics and prebiotics, and will be incorporated with healthier fats. 

Research at the Centre also involves examining food processing technologies and their influence on the content and effectiveness of nutrients in the final product.

The Centre also aims to partner with various industries and academic institutions across the globe to ensure transfer of knowledge, ideas, skills, and resources.

In 2020, the Centre conducted a national conference on Health and Wellness through Nutrition and Nutraceuticals. A number of workshops, seminars, and symposia were also organised in association with the Government of Karnataka to promote millets and the use of organic food.