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At RUAS, collaborations with like-minded organisations and institutions are encouraged and promoted. Such partnerships open the door for the free exchange of ideas, knowledge, and resources. They also direct the collective efforts of multiple entities towards the betterment of the field and, by extension, of society.

Academy for Workplace Excellence

The Academy for Workplace Excellence is a collaborative initiative between RUAS’s Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology and a host of international actors, like:

  • Cleanfix AG, Switzerland (a pioneer in robotic cleaning machines)
  • Filmop International SRL, Italy (a well-known organisation in the area of cleaning equipment and accessories, with presence in over 80 countries)
  • Schevaran Laboratories, Mysore (a leading manufacturer of cleaning chemicals, machines and accessories)
  • SRB School, Ministry of Skilled Labor, Government of Switzerland

The Academy, which was envisioned as an institute that would offer students the latest knowledge on facility management and its related fields, was inaugurated on 30 January, 2020.