The Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology has five departments that cover the various aspects of the hospitality industry.

Food and Beverage Production Department

The Food and Beverage Production Department caters to students with a creative bent of mind and those interested in the culinary arts.

Starting from the basics, students learn to create and style dishes from cuisines and cultures across the world. They are also educated about best practices for storage, processing, preparation and cooking. In addition to techniques and an understanding of the various commodities used, students are also taught to incorporate diet and nutritional requirements into their cooking.

Food and Beverage Service Department

The hospitality industry offers customers an array of dining experiences, each of which come with their own set of service challenges. From hotel dining where servers have to navigate open kitchen and interactive counters to bars and lounges that demand a thorough knowledge of alcoholic beverages and how to make them.

Front Office Department

The Front Office of a hospitality venture is normally the first — and last — point of contact for a customer. Often called the Nerve Centre of Hotel Operations,’ the Front Office acts as a liaison between guests and the hotel, co-ordinating back-office functions and ensuring that the needs of every customer are met.

Housekeeping Department

In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is everything and customer experience is dictated by safety, security, cleanliness, hygiene, and aesthetics. All of these determining factors fall under the purview of the housekeeping department.

Department of Management Studies

Every department in a hospitality venture serves a unique purpose, has its own set of roles and responsibilities, and deals with its own challenges. The management is responsible for ensuring that these disparate departments come together to ensure a great customer experience.

The Department of Management Studies at FHMCT moulds students to become the leaders and managers of tomorrow by complementing their core industry understanding with management principles and knowledge.