Careers and Openings

The Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) is an equal opportunity employer that welcomes individuals who are committed to changing the world, one student at a time.

The Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology is led by a team of talented and committed individuals who are eager to go the extra mile for their students. They are committed to offering students a holistic education that prepares them well for a career in the hospitality industry. 

The faculty members of FHMCT are subject-matter experts, many of whom have several years of rich industry experience as professionals and entrepreneurs. They are best placed to guide students on their academic and professional journeys. As passionate and driven individuals themselves, they seek to mould their students as independent, creative thinkers.

FHMCT offers faculty members an encouraging work environment with several opportunities to learn and grow. Teachers are encouraged to broaden their horizons, to upgrade their skills, and to keep abreast of changes in the industry. The work is rewarding and the impact left on young minds is indelible. 

Careers at RUAS

RUAS aims to create a workplace that taps into an individual’s potential, ensures their continued growth and development, and offers them a platform to shape tomorrow by shaping the leaders of tomorrow. 

The University has formulated a host of well-planned policies, initiatives, and schemes to ensure the well-being of all its employees. These include training programs, faculty exchange programs, health benefits, and research opportunities.