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The hospitality industry has grown by leaps and bounds — taking different shapes and forms, adapting to the changing times, and moulding itself to respond to customer needs. 

At FHMCT, we shape the people who will one day lead this industry. 

We adopt a thorough approach to hospitality, supporting a strong theoretical foundation with an immersive, practical education. The learning is dynamic, with a curriculum that reflects changes in the industry. Students are taught by seasoned professionals who are able to deftly guide them as they embark on their professional careers.

The programs help students master the tenets of their field and view their work through the perspective of service because, at its core, hospitality is about improving lives by ensuring comfort and enhancing convenience. In addition to technical expertise and leadership skills, our students learn to approach their work with warmth and compassion.

Vision: To discover, preserve, and disseminate knowledge and skills to provide future influencers of the hospitality industry equipped with advanced level of skills, knowledge, practical training, interpersonal and management skills to succeed in today’s vibrant global business atmosphere.

Mission: The Faculty of Hospitality Management & Catering Technology at RUAS aims to deliver competency-based hospitality and management education with an inter & multidisciplinary approach adopting global educational practices with an emphasis on the development of critical, analytical and problem-solving abilities in its graduates and associates with a passion for lifelong learning and independent thinking. The Faculty encourages the creation of new ideas and concepts to meet the ever-growing needs of the hospitality sector.

FHMCT — the path to a better tomorrow begins here. 

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Student Life

  • Student Life

The Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences is constantly buzzing with academic, sports, and cultural events.acc

Sports and Fitness

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Students can make use of the well-equipped gym or the numerous indoor and outdoor sports facilities on campus. 

Sports enthusiasts can also become part of the university teams and train under attentive mentors and experienced professionals. 

Cultural Events

  • Cultural

Students from all faculties enthusiastically participate in university-level cultural events, using them to not only showcase their talent, but to also engage with their peers from different fields of study.

Awards and Achievements

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In addition to inter- and intra-faculty events, students are actively encouraged to participate in events and fests by other universities. Our students have done us proud at competitions and events across the state and the country.


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Our comprehensive range of facilities complements FHMCT’s sharp focus on practical application. From restaurants to well-equipped kitchens, from simulation labs to language and computer labs, our facilities offer students the chance to gain practical, first-hand knowledge of the different facets of their fields. Students learn under the careful guidance of experienced faculty members and master skills that are crucial determinants of professional success.