Research and Product Development

FHMCT is the center for the Nutraceutical and Nutrition Research Center (NNRC) dedicated to pursue research and development activities on food product development, nutritional content and nutraceuticals with the goal of reducing malnutrition and for the overall promotion of general health of all age groups. It focuses in local crops and herbs, mainly millets. 

NNRC is working several projects in collaboration with some of the well-known institutes of the world such as ICRISAT, XINOVA, Stevia World, SUNLAC etc. 

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Partnerships and Collaborations

Partnerships and collaborations with industries, organisations, government bodies, and other universities open the door for the free exchange of ideas, resources, and opportunities.

Research Facilities

Nutrition and Nutraceutical Research Centre (NNRC)

NNRC is envisioned as a knowledge centre that uses a scientific, food-based approach to address issues of health and wellness among the general public.