Practice and practical application are crucial components of an education at the Ramaiah University of Applied Science and this is reflected in the well-planned facilities on our campuses.

The facilities give students the opportunity to master the skills necessary to develop a deep understanding of their fields. Students learn under the close guidance and supervision of faculty members and experts. The hands-on learning received gives them a distinctive edge over their peers, helping them begin their careers as knowledgeable professionals. 

The facilities at FHMCT include a comprehensive range of kitchens, studios, and simulation labs that help recreate a real-world hospitality environment. 

Training Restaurants

FHMCT has three training restaurants that help students familiarise themselves with different dining options and restaurant scenarios.

Front Office Labs

Our two Front Office Labs simulate the reception and front office in hospitality establishments. Students are taught to not only interact with customers, but to manage the back-end operations of the Front Office. 

Model Guest Rooms

The Model Guest Rooms are designed and outfitted to resemble hotel rooms. Here, students learn about the management and maintenance of rooms, including hygiene and cleanliness standards in hospitality establishments. 

Housekeeping Labs

FHMCT has two housekeeping labs where students acquire practical, first-hand knowledge of the different aspects of housekeeping.


There are four well-equipped kitchens on campus, each of which cater to students during a particular phase of their culinary journey. 

Bakery and Confectionery

Students learn about baking and dessert-making at FHMCT’s Bakery and Confectionery set up. The well-equipped facility caters to beginners as well as experts.


Linen management and maintenance as well as fabric care is taught at the Laundry facility.

Language Lab

Students hone their language skills and master the keys to effective communication in the Language Lab. 

Computer Labs

Our two computer labs are equipped with computers that have the latest hospitality management software. Students are given the chance to learn and master the software and enter the market as well-skilled professionals. 


FHMCT’s library offers access to national and international journals and publications.

Seminar Hall

The 100-seater seminar hall is used during guest lectures, seminars, and workshops.