Training Programme

Training Programme

The FHMCT Skill Center recognizes lifelong learning is essential for personal and professional development. The courses offered are designed to improve the skills and abilities of working professionals as well as beginners who have an interest in the subject. A certificate course at FHMCT in any domain ensures that the participants continue to hone their skills making it easier to find new ways out of a potentially stressful work situation. The skill center ensures that the participants keep an open mind to learning and gives room for flexibility which is key to job satisfaction. The certification empowers and increases the potential of staying ahead of competitors for jobs. 

These courses encourage inter disciplinary learning and enhances multi skilling which is a requirement of any job. Short-term courses in hospitality are perfect for those looking to build upon their university qualifications or to formalize workplace skills. They are also perfect for those who are looking to turn their hobby into a career. These courses hold key to unlocking new career ventures, job prospects and promotions. And they will also leave the participants feeling inspired! 

The short-term courses at FHMCT focus on the practical application of theory and knowledge. If one plans to take up a job in the interim before joining a university or if they wish to practice professional skills before graduating, these courses can come to their advantage. In every scenario, the offered short-term courses help to boost practical professional abilities in a short span of time. The classes are conducted at a convenient time with a variety of topics to choose from. From cooking courses to learning soft skills or languages, these courses allow one to choose according to their needs.

FHMCT also organizes customized training programs in various hospitality operations open to all. Currently, we are associated with the Indian Army, Air force, and CRPF for conducting customized training of their cooks with the objective of enhancing nutritive value of the menus served to military personnel and to incorporate a variety of dishes catering to the multicultural tastes and requirements in all parts of India. 

For further information and details, please contact the faculty. 

Alma Mater Connect

FHMCT has launched a support platform to maintain contact with all alumni. This is a mutually beneficial interaction where the alumni are actively involved in several organized college activities and interactions. At the same time, they are also made visible to potential recruiters looking for graduates with a certain degree of experience. 

Alumni Speak” is a webinar series where we welcome the alumni to share their professional/​entrepreneurial experiences with the students of FHMCT.

Accomplishments of the alumni are highlighted in the bi-annual magazine Hospitium’ under Alumni Corner”.

For details of our alumni (click here) (link to the alumni page of the MSRCHM website to be added here)

Internships, Specialized Training and Experience

FHMCT ensures that over the course of the programs all students are well exposed to the hospitality industry standards and procedures through several student-industry interactions such as Industry Exposure Training (IET), Specialization Training (ST) and Out Door Catering (ODC) opportunities during several occasions throughout the year. The students gather a lot of experience through the process and are well rounded and industry ready by the completion of the program. 

Event Management is a part of the curriculum at FHMCT aiming to encourage students to become entrepreneurs. They are given hands on experience of coordination, running and planning of real-life events. Students are trained in areas like analyzing, planning, marketing, producing and evaluating an event. This gives the graduates an edge over others helping them plan diverse career paths. The curriculum focuses on interpersonal skills, leadership ability, organizational skills and time management.