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Cultural Activities

At FHMCT, the academic year is peppered with competitions, fests, and events. 

These cultural activities form the bedrock of the college experience. They nudge students out of their shell, encourage them to prove their mettle, and urge them to meet peers with similar interests. Students also get the chance to sharpen existing skills and talents while exploring new ones. 

These cultural activities help students broaden their horizons, teach them to work in teams, and equip them with the qualities of sportsmanship. 


The two-day inter-college fest, Xenia serves as a great platform for students to display their talents and skills in a variety of events. 

With participation from over 20 universities and colleges from across the country, the fest also offers students a chance to interact with their peers from different institutes. 

Some of the events conducted are Best Manager, Culinary Competition, Bartending Competition, Interior Designing, Treasure Hunt, Fashion Show, Group Dancing, Beat-boxing and Mad Ads. 

Fresher’s Day

Fresher’s Day is a great way for senior students to break the ice with their juniors over fun and light-hearted games and events. Organized by second year students, Fresher’s Day includes activities like Air Crash, Minute to Win It, and the crowning of Mr and Ms Fresher. 

DJ Night

DJ Night is organised by students pursuing Bar and Beverage Management. Students handle everything from conceptualisation to planning, marketing, and execution. This gives them the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of event management and planning. 

In addition to guest DJs, budding DJs from the student body are given a chance to showcase their skills. Students studying mixology and bartending also get to put their learning into practice by serving mocktails to students at the event. 

Themed Lunches

Students regularly organise Themed Lunches that help them explore new cuisines and cultures.

During these lunches, everything from the food to the ambience and decorations and even the uniforms of the student servers are dictated by the theme.

Chinese Themed Lunch

While the venue was decorated with Chinese lanterns and posters of dragons and pandas, the guests were served dimsums, crispy fried lotus root in chilly sauce, crispy prawn roll, kung pao chicken, dan dan noodles in spicy peanut sauces and steamed chocolate buns. 

Jail Themed Lunch

The venue was turned into a prison cell, while the servers were dressed as convicts and policemen and women. Chicken kebab, mirchi vada, bassaru, mutton saur, ragi mudde, drumstick sambar, rice, and sabakki payasam was served.

Bengali Themed Lunch

Delicious puchkas, ghugni, aloo dum, macher jhol, shukto, lucchi, green peas pulao, kollar bora, Bengali style chicken biryani and rosogolla was served in a venue that was decorated with diyas, earthen pots, rangoli, strings of marigold and an idol of Goddess Durga. Servers were dressed in traditional Bengali sarees, dhotis, and kurta-pyjamas. 

Mexican Themed Lunch

While the backdrop was decorated with colourful paper flowers to give guests the feel of a Mexican fiesta, Sombreros and Mexican guitarrones adorned the buffet counters. A guitarist strumming Mexican music added to the ambiencence. 

Servers dressed in traditional Mexican outfits served guests stuffed eggs, pollo al carbon, Mexican rice, tacos with bean dip, salsa and guacamole, and Mexican bread pudding. 

Cultural Activities at RUAS

The University regularly conducts fests and competitions that see participation from students of different Faculties and programs. From the two-day annual fest Akaira to the monthly day-long Ramaiah Habba celebrations, these university-level events bring together all members of the RUAS family and inculcate a strong sense of team spirit among them.