Annual Intercollegiate Tourism and Hospitality Fest

The students of 2nd semester had taken part in the annual intercollegiate tourism and hospitality fest Exodus held during 20 – 26 February 2022, which had students from the travel, tourism and hospitality management institutions from across the country participating. Though virtually held, Exodus’22 managed to keep them all connected. The theme of Exodus’22 was aesthetic tribal culture and was organised by the post graduate students of department of tourism management, school of business and management, Bannerghatta. 

The events held were as follows- Brainstorm” which was an individual competition assessing students’ critical thinking, problem solving; aims to identify traits of a good manager. Ms. Padmini was quick on her feet throughout the competition and was determined enough to get till the finals. Mr. Yousef and Mr Ayan took part in the travel solutions” event, which was an elaborate event designed to create a platform to learn and benchmark contemporary travel and tourism practices showcasing of creativity and tourism principles as well as marketing. Another insightful event was mastermind” which was a quiz based on travel, tourism and hospitality industry, Karan and Soumalya gave their best and performed well.

The final event was planning spectrum which encouraged students to showcase their innovative and entrepreneurial skills by coming up with a tourism product that would benefit the tourism industry. Ms Chaitra and Ms Bhanumathi took part in planning spectrum and won third place for coming up with an app that enhances travel experience altogether by assisting travellers to collaborate, explore, blog, add reviews etc. and earn points for all of that.