Guest Seminar by Mr. Nikhil Ranganath

The guest lecture was conducted by FHMCT on 19th April 2022 from 02:30 PM to 03:30 PM, for Hospitality Marketing Course where Mr. Nikhil Ranganath, was the guest speaker. The topics which he covered in the guest lecture were- Market Brainstorming, Sales and marketing, Marketing and communication, Marketing trends post covid-19 — commitment to clean, go local, Digital is the future, Real over reel, Tools over trends, Influencer marketing — tool not a trend.

He also spoke on ‑A come back on experimental marketing — refreshing themselves of the consumer on experience and Public relations Activities — Press release, Food and lifestyle critics, Magazine, High net individual, Social media influencers, Advertising, Radio etc.

He spoke about his experience in Sheraton Hotel in developing marketing campaigns, digital analytics, advertising, public relations management, and social media management.