Field visit to Shivan Tex Traders

The faculty and student members of the Professional Housekeepers Association went on a field visit to Shivan Tex Traders a Mattress and Duvet manufacturing Unit. This was located in Bettahalasooru, Bangalore.

The pillows and mattresses are made in one unit. The other unit manufactures duvet, duvet covers, towels etc. There were 93 YUVA members across colleges in Bangalore. FHMCT has few students and 2 Faculty registered in PHA and they were present for the visit. It was a wonderful learning experience for the students and Faculty/​mentors.

The students were delighted to play team building exercise while they were waiting for their chance to visit the unit, as they were divided into 4 groups. Dr Sudhagar conducted activities which saw the participation of all the students. Post coffee break the students went around the unit and then to conclude 2 dance performances were done. It was certainly entertaining. Lunch was provided in a nearby restaurant and was sponsored by Mr Santosh the founder of Shivani

Tex Tradeers. Yuvas from Garden City University, Acharya College, T john, Sea college were also part of the field visit.