Programmes offered at FHMCT

Four Year Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

Three Year B. Voc in Culinary Operations

Overview – MBA-HM

The MBA in Hospitality Management Programme offered by Faculty of Management and Commerce addresses various specializations in the hospitality industry such as Customer Relationship Management, Hospitality Revenue Management etc. The qualified and experienced faculty members of the Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology handle these specialization courses of the MBA programme. 

Keeping in mind the phenomenal growth of the hospitality industry the Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management degree aims to meet the needs of the hospitality industry and academia at all levels. It prepares students/​delegates to be action-oriented leaders of executive management teams and entrepreneurial ventures with a strong theoretical and practical foundation. Graduates aim to be well versed in foundational principles, current best practices and ethical considerations.

Overview- BHM

The philosophy of the Bachelor of Hotel Management- programme (BHM) is to offer an extensive curriculum to provide the global hospitality sector with graduates who possess appropriate attributes and attitudes for a wide range of management positions. The programme focuses on a contemporary technological approach to hotel operations coupled with a strong foundation in management concepts. It also emphasizes on proficiency in French language, holistic personality development, ethical values and development of an inquiring mind.

Programme Objectives — BHM

The educational objectives of the programme are: 

  1. To develop adequate competency amongst the BHM graduates to become innovative managers and leaders in hospitality industry, by making use of the high quality and rigorous hospitality management education that is enriched by a outcome based curriculum.
  2. To enable the graduates to take up entrepreneurship, consultancy or academics as an alternate career path in the hospitality and allied industry.

Overview- B.Voc in Culinary Operations

As a part of the Directorate of Training and Lifelong Learning (DTLL), FHMCT offers a 3‑year Vocational Degree in Culinary Operations tailor made for students with aptitude for creativity in the kitchen. This programme will refine the inherent talent to bring out the finest with employability and entrepreneurial skills. 

B.Voc-Culinary Operations has a multiple entry and exit feature that allows the candidate to leave with a diploma after a year, followed by an advanced diploma awarded after the second year and a degree after the third year should the candidate choose to enroll for three years. Each level prepares the students for jobs at the entry level, supervisory level and managerial level respectively. Moreover, the faculty placement cell will ensure employment with excellent opportunities with internships abroad. The programme’s flexibility allows the students to work as they study. 

The programme includes 90 sessions of hands-on cookery practicals and 60 sessions of theoretical inputs and soft skills. Emphasis is place on communication and personality development with basics of French included to understand the culinary domain better.

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